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1 mold consisting of a box with sand shaped to mold metal
2 plaything consisting of a pile of sand or a box filled with sand for children to play in [syn: sandpile]

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From English sand + box


  • a GenAm /'sændbɑks/
  • a RP /'sændbɒks/
  • Hyphenation: sand·box


  1. A box used for holding sand, for the purpose of young children playing in it.
  2. On many Wikis, the sandbox is a page where users are free to experiment with codes without destroying or damaging any legitimate content.
  3. In some computing execution environments, an isolated area where a program executes with a restricted portion of the resources available.

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box with sand for children
  • Czech: pískoviště
  • Danish: sandkasse
  • Finnish: hiekkalaatikko
  • German: Sandkasten, Sandkiste
  • Japanese: 砂場
  • Russian: песочница (pesóčnica)
wiki sandbox
isolated program execution area
  • Danish: sandkasse
  • Finnish: hiekkalaatikko
  • German: Sandbox

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Sandbox may refer to:
  • Litter box, an indoor box for cats to relieve themselves
  • Sandpit or sandbox, a wide, shallow playground construction to hold sand often made of wood or plastic
  • Sandbox (railways), a container that holds sand for use in improving rail adhesion in slippery conditions
  • The Sandbox (play), a 1960 one-act play by Edward Albee
  • Sandbox (missile) or SS-N-12, a Soviet anti-ship missile
  • Sandbox Therapy, a tool used by child psychologists
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